Open Wings Learning Community is a school that focuses on the whole child. The school environment nurtures deep and meaningful learning through a balanced experiential and integrated educational program that is individualized for students. The entire school community benefits from drawing from a diverse community of learners.

Contact us at (262) 697-7744.

Our location is at 7951 36th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53142.


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“The vision of Open Wings Learning to create a community of learners among children with differing abilities is an ambitious and important one. Children learn best in environments in which students support each others' learning through sharing ideas and methods. Creating such a learning environment requires dedication and expertise - both of which the Open Wings staff have in spades. I'm impressed with what they have achieved!”

Miriam Sherin - Professor, Learning Sciences, Director of Undergraduate Education, School of Education and Social Policy School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University



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About Open Wings Learning Community

Open Wings Learning Community is a progressive school in Kenosha that utilizes hands-on, experiential learning for each student. The school supports the needs of both typical learners as well as those with disorders of relating and communicating, including PDD and autism, ADHD and language delays. A very low teacher-to-student ratio allows instruction to be individualized for the complex learner.